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We are the specialists in providing finance to farmers. We understand the unique financial challenges farmers face from day to day. Our aim is to help you with all your short and medium term borrowing needs and support the successful and profitable operation of your farming activities and any diversification or expansion plans you may have.

UK Farm Finance offers a range of attractive finance products which have been especially designed to meet farmers needs. With a general lack of lending appetite in the marketplace, we offer a one stop shop for farmers to source their funding needs. Since inception we have provided over £360 million to UK agricultural businesses - we are straightforward to deal with and experts in our field. We offer a no nonsense approach, we speak farming and unlike some others, we do not charge any fees before we have made and you have accepted a loan offer from us.

Some examples of how we could help you:

  • Your bank has declined your request for funds to invest in the expansion of your beef / dairy herd
  • You require interim finance whilst you are putting long term finance in place with others
  • A "once in a generation" opportunity to purchase more land adjacent to your farm has arisen
  • A range of traditional buildings need to be developed and then sold or used as holiday lets
  • Your bank has changed its lending policy and does not wish to continue providing support for your business
  • Creditors such as HMRC have set final deadlines for payments
  • You need to purchase fertiliser, seed or crop protection supplies and wish to pay for them when your crop is harvested
  • An opportunity arises for you to purchase a new property prior to selling your existing one
  • Where an established tenant farmer has an opportunity to buy as sitting tenant but where the bank will only base their lending on the discounted purchase price (we always use the valuation figure)

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