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Farm loan and financing case studies

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A tenant died and his widow and her son (our clients) were given notice to quit. Local solicitors and agents advice was sought but they offered incorrect advice and the family were offered £7,500 to leave quietly.

They sought our help and we immediately recognised the opportunity and introduced them to the right type of legal advice. With our team we negotiated a purchase with sitting tenant's discount of nearly 50% at £415,950 and then we provided 100% funding, with an exit agreed with the family.

We negotiated a purchase price of £415,950 and as the farm valuation was £800,000, we could lend up to 65% i.e. £520,000 to cover the purchase. We introduced the right support to help the family take advantage of planning opportunities and once planning permission was obtained the farm was sold in lots for a total of £901,250.

After covering all costs the family walked away with £304,995 allowing them to start afresh in another part of the country.


A farming business in Wales wished to purchase farm buildings with planning permission for development, where the property was being auctioned locally and was likely to be available at a significant discount. After our first meeting we were able to arrange a loan which provided sufficient funds for the initial purchase and then we also funded the development of the farm buildings into 8 residential units for onwards sale to clear the borrowings.


Our client, a dairy farmer, sought to increase his income by modernising his farm. Firstly by updating his buildings and equipment and secondly by increasing the size of his herd from 200 to 300 to maximise the benefits of his new modernised parlour.

His high street bank manager provided the initial investment required to modernise and indicated that they would assist him with the required investment for the herd once the building works were complete.

Unfortunately, once the state of the art dairy parlour had been finished, his Bank withdrew all new funding. This left Farmer A with brand new milking facilities that were not being used as envisaged.

UK Farm Finance were able to refinance his existing borrowing, both with his main bank and other lenders, over a 5 year term as well as provide additional finance to purchase the much needed animals to fully utilise the increased capability of the parlour.

We were able to help our client develop his farm business profitability and were able to introduce him to a new high street bank three years later.

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